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Rain Järv was born on 21 November 1983 in Tallinn

2002 Tallinn German Gymnasium.
2011 Kehtna Economy and Technology School
2012 Tallinn School of Economics - Small Enterprise
2013 Tallinn School of Economics - Business Administration
2016 West-Viru College - Financial Management (Cum Laude)
Since 2016 is studying at the Tallinn University of Technology in Master’s studies program.

Furthermore, he has undergone a myriad of extension service in Estonia and abroad. In 2013, his team won the business competition "A Business Day 2013" him being as team manager. 2013 Tallinn Board of Education recognized him with the "Tallinn's year as a volunteer" title. In 2015 he was elected the Young Eagles Squad leader of the year.

Career and Work

Underwent compulsory military service from 2003-2004 at Narva Jõesuu Border Guard Training Centre.
2005 - 2010 worked in various positions in the private sector as a master.
Since 2010, he resumed the Estonian Defense Forces, where he has served in various positions and participated in international military operations.

Language skills
Estonian, Russian, English, German, and Finnish